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Wildlife Management

Wildlife management can be deemed a very sensitive subject with some and is often taken to mean the destruction of certain species.  This is not always the case.  Wildlife management is as much about environmental changes as well as alternative methods of control for those species which cause both damage to amenities, structures and forestry as well as distress or harm to other animals and members of the public. Culling any wildlife is a last resort and not to be taken lightly.  Key areas which have to be addressed before any form of control or management is considered are as follows:

  • Public attitudes to a given species in question
  • Public concerns as the humaneness of the means of control or management to be adopted
  • The justifiable cost for any such management approach
  • The protection status of a given species

As professionals we endeavour to address all of the above issues before considering any means of wildlife management or control.

Primary species include:

  • Urban fox
  • Rabbits
  • Deer
  • Badgers

Other species are included elsewhere on this site.

Keeping things legal?

The ‘Wildlife and Countryside’ Act 1981 and The Animal Welfare Act 2006 are just two of the many pieces of legislation stipulating not only the protection status of certain wild species but also acceptable methods of control where permitted. Legal compliance is at the forefront of ALL wildlife management work conducted by us.