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Permanent solutions start from as little as £90.00 or less but we recommend a full survey of the property for a more accurate assessment. Remember, this is a onetime fix with no gimmicks – just a pre-planned approach and some hard work that’s guaranteed! Call David now on Freephone 0800 118 2101 or 07761 373 060.

Getting rid of house mice

For many people the sight of a mouse in the home spells disaster. Yet for others they are seen as harmless creatures. Time to get a grip! Mice are a serious health hazard both in terms of disease, damage to property and commodities. We offer and recommend our full proofing repair service against mice. No gimmicks here, just plenty of hard work to bait and close off all the holes. This is our permanent solution to mouse problems in one visit. .guaranteed! Give us a call to find out more.


Got a problem with mice and want a permanent solution? Call us now and ask about our no nonsense proofing repair service.

If you are a Landlord you need to know your obligations under the Prevention of damage by pests (PDP) Act 1949.  Wise up or get fined! (Ref Part 1 sections 4 & 5). Call us now!

Mice, well I never knew that!

  • The UK has three species of mice: House mouse, Wood mouse & Yellow-necked field mouse.
  • The house mouse weighs only one gram when born (a baked bean!)
  • Mice produce a litter of young every 19 -21 days
  • Mice are sexually mature at 10 weeks.
  • Average litter size is between 5 -8.
  • In the wild most mice only live between 9 to12 months
  • A mouse can jump up to one metre.
  • Mice explore their territory to the full and therefore represent a far greater risk to health than rats.
  • Mice are incontinent and dribble urine wherever they go.
  • Mice defecate up to 80 times per day.
Why are our rodent treatments so much better and more successful than our competitors?

This is how many of our competitors deal with a mouse infestation – “The sticking plaster approach” – plenty of bait stations and crossed fingers to match! Okay until nest time?

  • Time on site: Average 15 – 20 minutes
  • Cost: Average £70 – £90 or more, usually per visit?
  • Number of visits: Usually no more than one if you can get them back?
  • Time period of effectiveness: Weeks or maybe a few months – pot luck?
  • On going cost? Yes, the problem is never resolved!

This is our approach to rodent control – one visit – permanent solution! Locate the entry points, bait-up and close off with wire (not foam). Job done!!

  • This is our approach to rodent control – one visit – permanent solution! Locate the entry points, bait-up and close off with wire (not foam). Job done!!

You decide – sticking plaster or permanent solution? We only implement permanent solutions. If you require a temporary fix to rodent problems then please contact our competitors!

David Parnell will eliminate your mouse problem safely and reliably by tackling the source of the problem, with no short term quick fixes, from just £90.00. You can arrange your detailed inspection and quotation by calling David today on Free Phone 0800 118 2101 or 07761 373 060.


Finding all the holes can sometimes mean a fair bit of dismantling. But it all goes back on completion – job done!