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Case study – Moth infestation (clothes moth)

We were recently called out to deal with an infestation of clothes moths in a residential retirement block. The task involved shifting all items of large furniture to all 60 flats and conducting a thorough vacuum followed by a residual insecticide treatment.

The damage caused to the carpets in some flats was absolutely disastrous but the end result was a resounding success!. . .the entire building is now moth free for the first time in more than five years!

Feral Pigeon Infestation

 Pigeon infestation in a roof void

Feral pigeon’s are really filthy creatures so as a matter of interest I thought I would give you an insight of what to expect when faced with a roof void that has suffered a long term infestation of unchecked feral pigeons. Here are some of the findings of what is now quite a common situation:-

  • The birds had been using the roof for at least twelve years (nearer fifteen if the truth were known)
  • Forty plus birds were in residence at any one time.
  • Total number of skeletal carcases found at the time of clearance. . twelve!
  • Total number of un-hatched eggs. . .twenty eight!
  • Number of current nests. . .eleven!
  • Average number of inches of guano between joists (depth). . . four!
  • Weight of bird waste (guano/nests etc) removed on the day. . . quarter of a ton!
  • Really nasty pathogens and diseases found in this kind of environment. . .¬† at least fifteen!
  • Man hours to clear including a bird cull and proof repairs.(60 sq ft) . . . nineteen!
  • Mealworm beetle larvae present. . about fifteen . . . thousand! !

A feral pigeon roost in a roof void is a lethal place to go… without the right personal protective equipment (PPE) that is! Pathogens and diseases are rife here!