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About David Parnell

Born and raised in North London David has always had a passion for resolving problems and his 35 years as a mechanical engineer gave him a vast experience at just that!

In 2004 he moved into the pest control industry to stretch his abilities even further. Having gained numerous high level qualifications within the industry it wasn’t long before his pest control business was growing from strength to strength at an alarming rate.

David’s primary ethos was to turn pest control treatment procedures on their head and apply huge levels of common sense to achieve a satisfactory result. It paid off! Suddenly the industry has someone else who pushes the boundaries and goes that extraordinary mile to resolve the unresolvable where others before him had failed. Using the “permanent solution where possible” business model has earned him quite a reputation while at the same time saving his clients a small fortune in not requiring expensive repeat visits.

David’s passion for his work now finds him not only being called in to resolve rodent issues in Central London office blocks but also to dealing with pest related issues within the transport network system serving the Capital.

Back in his home town of Cheshunt David often covers for his local authority where they both work together to resolve difficult pest control issues within the borough.

In his spare time David is a keen competitive rifle and pistol shooter and chairman of a North London rifle club. Above all he enjoys quality time with his family and four grandchildren.