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Ants Common garden or black ants £49.00. Pharaoh’s ants and other sub tropical species are subject to a full survey.
Bed Bugs Intense and thorough treatments start at £90.00 per room and includes up to two visits.
Cockroaches Intense treatments start at £75.00 and include two visits if required.
Fleas Thorough treatments start at £75.00 or less subject to size and number of rooms effected.
Flies Treatments start at £40.00 or less subject to survey and species involved.
Foxes Prices start at £90.00 Full consultation and survey essential.
Mice Permanent solutions start from as little as £90.00 or less but we recommend a full survey of the property for a more accurate assessment. Remember, this is a hard hitting first time fix proofing repair procedure. Stops mice in their tracks – guaranteed!
Moles Treatments start at £70.00 subject to survey and size of infestation. Alternatively £50 per mole or £50 per visit.
Moths (Clothes + Stored Product)
Treatments are both intense and time consuming and start from £85.00 depending on number and size of rooms. When we tell you what we have to do you will see why! This is not just a quick spray.
Pigeons Full proofing repairs including wire, netting and spike systems start at £85.00 including guano removal. Full survey with environmental changes is essential.
Rabbits Gassing treatments start at £90.00 or less depending on level of infestation and terrain involved. Proofing repairs undertaken and recommended.
Rats Permanent solutions start at £80.00 which includes a thorough investigation, a drainage check and report.
Solitary bees Where a treatment is really necessary £45.00
Squirrels Multiple visits to eradicate start at £75.00 or less. Survey with proofing repairs is essential.
Wasps £48 + £10 for each additional nest.