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Multiple visits to eradicate your squirrel problem start at £75.00 or less. Survey recommended. You can arrange your detailed inspection and quotation by calling David today on Freephone 0800 118 2101 or 07761 373 060.

This non indigenous pest species was introduced into the UK from North America several times during the 1870′s and late 1920′s and has since spread to most parts wiping out all but a few pockets of our native Red Squirrel in the process. Highly destructive, it has two breeding seasons a year usually in January and again in June when if often invades roof spaces. Grey squirrels frequently cause hundreds of pounds worth of damage to roofing structures and electrical wiring, the latter creating a serious fire hazard!

But causing damage is only part of the problem; things can also turn a bit sour if they die in the cold water tank in the loft. So if you find the water you brush your teeth with has suddenly taken on an unusual taste you know why!!. . . Call us now for an effective way to deal with squirrels that won’t break the bank!

What NOT to do if you have a Grey Squirrel problem?

  • Do not use conventional rat / mouse rodenticides (poison)….it is illegal!  Grey squirrels have their own designated rodenticide which is far more effective.
  • Do not block off entry points without having alternative means of control in place. They will just gnaw through somewhere else to gain re-entry!
  • Do not release captive grey squirrels into the wild . . . you are breaking the law! (Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981, Section 14 and The Destructive Imported Animals Act 1932)
  • All live catch traps must contain food, water and shelter for the animal and must also be checked twice in every 24 hour period. This is a legal requirement.
  • Never ever consider drowning a captive grey squirrel or any other rodent for that matter. It’s both inhumane and illegal. Dispatch with a suitably powered air weapon.
  • Do not approach a grey squirrel with kittens in an enclosed roof space as trying to flee from an angry rodent protecting its young in such circumstances could lead to serious injury or worse.