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David Parnell can eliminate your moth problem safely and reliably from just £70.00. Treatments are both intense and time consuming depending on number and size of rooms… when we tell you what we have to do you will see why!  This is not just a quick spray. You can arrange your detailed inspection and quotation by calling David today on Freephone 0800 118 2101 or 07761373060.

Getting rid of moths:

Over more recent years moth infestations have been in the media spotlight and none more so than the common clothes moth (tineola bisselliella) Clothes moth were once thought to be from a bygone age but they are back with a vengeance!

Primary reason for the re-emergence of this species is mainly due to lifestyle issues and our urge for more natural fibres in our clothes and furnishings. Fact: Regular, thorough vacuuming of our homes would eliminate over 90% of all clothes moth call-outs.

Another species high on the call-out list is the Indian Meal Moth (plodia interpunctella). This stored product species is yet another associated with lifestyle and housekeeping though more to do with our habit of hording old and out of date food products in our kitchen cupboards.

Indian meal moth have an extremely long life cycle which can exceed 270 days! First signs are the appearance of strange caterpillars either on or near wall and ceiling junctions.

As with most moth issues it is key to find the source of the infestation before embarking on a full blown, time consuming treatment procedure. Many species will be very difficult to eradicate which is where we come in. Call us now for details of how to deal with moth issues.

Moth issue? Call David now on 0800 118 2101 or 07761373060 for an appraisal and recommended treatment procedure to eliminate moths in the home. We have a different approach to dealing with moth problems. All the technical know-how and its guaranteed!

Case study – Moth infestation (clothes moth)

We were recently called out to deal with an infestation of clothes moths in a residential retirement block. The task involved shifting all items of large furniture to all 60 flats and conducting a thorough vacuum followed by a residual insecticide treatment. All common areas and plant rooms were also treated in a similar manner.

The damage caused to the carpets in some flats was absolutely disastrous but the end result was a resounding success! The entire building is now moth free for the first time in more than five years!