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10 Steps on how NOT to treat a wasp problem

1. Never underestimate what several hundred (or even 1000′s) of angry wasps are capable of. Many people have died over the years whilst attempting a wasp treatment.

2. Never attempt to treat a wasp nest without adequate personal protection.

3. Active wasp nests are dangerous things. Always make 100% sure your chosen means of treatment attack is capable of dealing with the size of nest in question.

4. Working in a loft or roof space is extremely hazardous. Always complete a suitable risk assessment to ensure head bangs, electrocution, damage to water pipes and falling through the ceiling are all highlighted?

5. Never attempt treating a wasp nest from a ladder without being suitably equipped and prepared. Always seek assistance from a friend or neighbour to support the ladder and ensure they too are suitably protected.

6. Wasps are usually most active during the hours of daylight. Treating a nest at dusk is a much safer option.

7. Wasps often swarm and attack during even the most careful of treatments. Don’t endanger the lives of others whilst undertaking a DIY approach.

8. Never attempt a wasp treatment if you are susceptible to severe reaction to wasp stings or anaphylactic shock.

9. Never, ever block off the entrance to a wasp nest, especially in the home as this could have disastrous if not fatal results.

10. Never compromise safety. If in doubt call a professional with all the training, expertise and safety procedures in place. Get the job done properly but above all – safely! 

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