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Cluster flies

There are several ways to deal with cluster flies both cleanly and effectively. Why not call David now to discuss your particular concern and arrange a detailed inspection with quotation. Call Freephone 0800 118 2101 or 07761373060.

What are Cluster flies?

Cluster flies are a nuisance fly species which enter roof voids and the upper rooms of homes and offices in semi-rural areas during autumn and spring.

Many people confuse these with house flies and associate their activity with a breeding medium like a rodent carcass or similar somewhere within the property. Nothing could be further from the truth. Cluster flies are slightly smaller than house flies and are not associated with carcases or the contamination of human food and the spread of disease.

The flies themselves live and breed in close proximity to dung heaps or similar areas of rotting material likely to attract earth worms. The flies lay their eggs close to worm burrows where the newly hatched parasitic larvae (maggots) latch themselves onto the unsuspecting host which becomes its living food source.

As autumn approaches and night time temperatures begin to drop the adult flies can invade roof spaces in large numbers to seek shelter and overwinter. Huge numbers of flies are often seen on south facing sunny walls absorbing the weakening sun before the onset of permanent cold weather transcends them into hibernation. Fluctuations in daytime/night time temperatures during early spring can also trigger sporadic “wakening” activity.

How to get rid of cluster flies:

Like most species of insect cluster flies leave a pheromone or “scent” in any areas of mass harbourage. These pheromones provide an indicator to future generations of the species that a specified area (roof void) is a suitable place to overwinter. If we can reduce or deplete these pheromones then future flies will become disassociated with any such given area.

By installing a purpose built electronic fly unit to the nuisance area flies are instantly killed on entering and therefore prevented from leaving a pheromone. Alternative catchment units can be installed on windows of affected rooms to trap and kill flies before pheromones can be deposited.

The use of insecticide smoke generators and aerosols to kill overwintering flies in roof voids will do nothing to reduce the all-important attractant pheromones. By contrast, all it will leave is an ever growing carpet of dead flies over the entire area which in themselves will be steeped in pheromones!

David can provide a clean and efficient solution to make cluster fly problems a thing of the past. Call David now for a consultation on Freephone 0800 118 2101 or 07761373060