Pest Control Hertfordshire

Taking the Sting out of Pest Control!

Permanent pest control solutions start here. . .

Welcome to our website. We are a family run pest control business based in Cheshunt Hertfordshire with a passion for what we do best; solving pest related issues as quickly and as cost effectively as possible. But it doesn’t just end there. Wherever situations permit, most of our procedures are based on a permanent solution to the problem where repeated call backs to treat for the same species time & time again become a thing of the past.

All of our treatments and procedures are risk and COSHH assessed and incorporate a common sense approach rather than just applying an insecticide spray or laying bait. More often than not many infestations can be resolved without the use of pesticides which is far better for all of us and the environment.

Stage one of each visit consists of an overview of what has occurred with positive identification of the target species. This is followed by a full survey of the affected area to assess the extent of the problem, where it is originating from and how best to resolve it quickly and safely.

Most pest species are there because a suitable environment has been unknowingly created allowing them to exist and thrive. Part of our procedure will be to identify how this has come about and how best to avoid it in the future.

An educational overview of the species in question also helps so our clients have a much better understanding of what we are dealing with and how we intend to bring it safely under control.

Some situations need to be handled carefully and in a reassuring manner. We pride ourselves in being helpful, sympathetic and engaging at all levels.

So if you have a pest related issue whether its rats, mice, wasps, fleas or any other of the comprehensive list of pest species we deal with, you can be sure that David and the team have all the right solutions to tackle the problem in the best way possible.